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Zambia Positions Itself as Investment Hub for Water Sector Development

Zambia’s Minister of Water Development and Sanitation, Mike Mposha, announced the government’s commitment to attracting increased private financing in the water sector. 

Speaking at the Eastern and Southern Africa Leadership Summit on Universal Access to Water Sanitation and Hygiene in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Minister Mposha highlighted Zambia’s efforts to leverage the African Union’s African Water Investment Programme, aimed at promoting private investment in the water sector.

In an official statement issued by Mrs. Inutu Mupango Mwanza the First Secretary (Press & Tourism) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, being among the initial two countries in Africa to adopt the program, Zambia has launched the Zambia Water Investment Programme to facilitate this initiative.

The Minister emphasized the country’s readiness to embrace investments in water and sanitation, citing a need for $5.7 billion to support programs under the Zambia Water Investment Programme.

To achieve this, the government is exploring financing models such as concessional loans, grants, and public-private partnerships (PPPs). 

Minister Mposha assured potential investors of an attractive PPP legal framework that safeguards the interests of both the public and private sectors.

During a bilateral meeting with representatives from the World Bank on the summit’s sidelines, Minister Mposha disclosed Zambia’s ongoing inventory of dams to assess water harvesting and storage infrastructure. 

Acknowledging a lack of technical expertise in water harvesting, he expressed Zambia’s eagerness to learn from countries experienced in this field.

Accompanying the Minister at the meeting were the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Danies Chisenda, and Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mrs. Rose Sakala. World Bank Global Director Water, Mr. Saroj Kumar Jha, stressed the importance of prudent financial resource management in the water sector. 

He echoed the call for private-sector financing while emphasizing the need for cost-effective tariffs to attract investments.

Zambia’s proactive stance in seeking private investment and partnerships demonstrates its commitment to addressing water-related challenges and ensuring sustainable water infrastructure development.

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