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Armed Bandits Rob Fuel Station, Escape with Cash and Goods

In a daring incident, a group of six armed criminals targeted a Total Energies Filling Station, robbing it of cash and valuable items, according to a statement by Rae Hamoonga, the Police Spokesperson. The robbery took place at Ngwerere Police Station.

The suspects, armed with firearms, attacked two fuel attendants and two security guards during the robbery. They managed to escape with K155,000 in cash from the station’s safe, along with other stolen items that included a Toshiba laptop valued at K4,000, a Digital Video Recorder for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), a Techno phone valued at K2,100, and an additional K600 in cash, believed to belong to one of the victims.

The sequence of events began when, in the early hours of September 26, 2023, two individuals arrived at the filling station, pushing a Toyota Runnex with an unknown registration number. They later started the vehicle and parked it at a junction along the Great North Road.

Subsequently, two other individuals arrived at the filling station in separate Toyota Corolla vehicles and parked. This prompted one of the security guards to approach the occupants and request them to move their vehicles. The occupants of the Runnex asked for assistance in pushing their car back to the pump, and after refueling, they drove away, followed by the two Toyota Corollas.

Shortly afterward, the six armed suspects entered the filling station building and attacked the two security guards and two fuel attendants. They restrained them by tying their hands and legs with tire threads. The suspects then proceeded to the manager’s office, where they looted the safe, taking the K155,000 in cash, the DVR CCTV, and the Techno phone.

Police have launched an investigation and initiated a manhunt for the suspects involved in this audacious robbery.

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