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President Hichilema Advocates for Peace and Unity in South Sudan at High-Level Mediation Summit

President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia expressed gratitude to President William Ruto of Kenya for the invitation to the high-level mediation summit for South Sudan, held at the county’s State House. 

In his address, President Hichilema emphasized the critical importance of peace and stability in Africa, particularly in South Sudan.

Acknowledging the interconnectedness of global stability, President Hichilema stressed that instability in any part of Africa, including South Sudan, affects the entire continent. 

He called upon President Salva Kiir and the opposition to prioritize the well-being of South Sudanese citizens and work towards lasting peace.

Highlighting the imperative of intracontinental trade, President Hichilema urged African countries to focus on exporting goods and services to each other rather than being consumed by internal conflicts. 

He emphasized that a peaceful and united Africa is essential for development and prosperity.

President Hichilema reiterated his commitment to supporting peace and security in South Sudan for the betterment of the nation’s development. 

He thanked President Ruto for the opportunity to participate in the summit and conveyed his appreciation to fellow Zambians for their support and prayers.

In conclusion, President Hichilema extended his wishes for peace to prevail not only in Africa but also globally, underscoring the importance of unity and cooperation in fostering a brighter future for all.

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