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China Unveils Six-Point Action Plan for Green Economy

China has announced significant strides in promoting sustainable environmental management, unveiling a comprehensive six-point action plan aimed at advancing green development in Guangdong, the country’s economic powerhouse.

Executive Vice Governor Zhang Hu of Guangdong Province disclosed the action plan during a press conference held in Beijing, emphasizing the government’s commitment to making substantial contributions towards a healthier planet.

The action plan includes ambitious initiatives such as enhancing forest cover by two million acres to restore forest health, with the current coverage standing at 53 percent.

Additionally, the government plans to establish national parks, botanical gardens, and 104 model protected areas to preserve green beauty and biodiversity.

Furthermore, Guangdong Province has already built 193 Green Guangdong ecological construction demonstration sites, achieving full coverage of county-level administrative regions.

The government aims to create a national forest city and national landscape garden city to promote afforestation and enhance the aesthetic appeal of counties.

Authorities also intend to improve the quality of greening along highways and railways, promoting the protection of famous and ancient trees.

Plans include constructing forest trails, greenways, green belts, and ancient post roads to build an interconnected green and beautiful ecological network.

Moreover, China aims to intensify public participation in tree planting activities within their communities, leveraging collective efforts to enhance environmental sustainability.

Executive Vice Governor Zhang Hu highlighted the transformative potential of these actions, envisioning Guangdong as a green and low-carbon development highland. Notably, the province’s air quality currently stands at an impressive 94.8 percent.

Meanwhile, Guangdong Province Governor Wang Weizhong revealed plans to upgrade traditional industries into a modern industrial system with enhanced international competitiveness.

This includes encouraging enterprises to expedite equipment and technological upgrades, revitalizing trillion-dollar industries such as textiles, clothing, food, beverages, and household appliances.

Furthermore, emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, bio-manufacturing, and commercial aerospace are identified as key drivers of economic growth, fostering innovation and development opportunities not only in Guangdong but across the entire country.

(First Picture) Mr Zhang Hu – Guangdong Province Executive Vice Governor

(Second Picture) Mr Wang Weizhong – Guangdong Province Governor.

Source: ZANIS

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