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Zambia Implements Centralized Medicine Procurement System

Zambia Medicines and Medical Supply Agency (ZAMMSA) has begun implementing a Medicines and Medical Supplies Fund (MMSF) to guarantee a consistent supply of essential health commodities. 

The Zambian government, cooperating partners, NHIMA, and other authorized commercial sources will all contribute financially to this centralized procurement system.

Dr. George Sinyangwe, Permanent Secretary for Donor Coordination at the Ministry of Health, emphasized the importance of consolidating funding commitments and developing a unified procurement strategy during an MMSF evaluation in Lusaka. 

He exhorted ongoing support from cooperating partners for ZAMMSA and expressed confidence in the agency’s capacity to manage the MMSF effectively.

Victor Nyasulu, Director General of ZAMMSA, pledged to use the funds wisely by carrying out a well-coordinated procurement plan that incorporates partner input and consultation. 

He said that ZAMMSA had invested in creating a strong procurement system based on openness and accountability with the support of the government and cooperating partners.

ZAMMSA, as mandated by section 5 of the ZAMMSA Act, 2019, is well-positioned to responsibly use funds, effectively procure, store, and distribute medical supplies, according to Mr. Nyasulu.

This is contained in a statement issued by Bradley Chingobe, Senior Manager-Corporate Communications at ZAMMSA.

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