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Zambia Battles Drought with Emergency Cash Transfers and International Aid

Zambia is currently grappling with a harsh drought that has devastated crops and led to widespread hunger. The situation is so dire that the government has declared a state of emergency.

In response to this crisis, the government is implementing an Emergency Cash Transfer program to provide financial assistance to affected households.

To ensure the program reaches those who need it most, a rapid assessment and enumeration exercise is underway.

International cooperation is playing a crucial role in Zambia’s fight against hunger. A delegation from the British government, including the Deputy British High Commissioner, recently visited Siavonga to monitor the cash transfer registration process.

The delegation expressed their satisfaction with the ongoing efforts and pledged continued British support.

The enumerators conducting the registration face challenging circumstances, but they are working diligently to meet the May 7th deadline. Their hard work is essential for a swift and effective rollout of the Emergency Cash Transfer program.

The local communities in Siavonga, like Ms. Laiza Makala, have borne the brunt of the drought. Due to crop failures, they have been forced to rely on wild fruits to survive.

However, they are grateful for the government’s intervention and the support from international partners like the British government.

This Emergency Cash Transfer program, targeting over 365,380 households nationwide, offers a lifeline to these struggling families.

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