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MISA Zambia Celebrates Media Workers on Labour Day

As the world commemorates Labour Day, MISA Zambia stands in solidarity, highlighting the indispensable contribution of media workers to Zambia’s economic recovery under the theme “BUILDING RESILIENCE: WORKERS AT THE HEART OF ZAMBIA’S ECONOMIC RECOVERY.”

Chairperson of MISA Zambia, Mrs. Lorraine Mwanza-Chisanga, emphasized the crucial role played by media workers in keeping the Zambian populace informed, entertained, and educated, despite facing various challenges in their line of duty. 

She underlined their dedication, often working tirelessly through adverse conditions, including the risk of personal safety, such as during disease outbreaks, to provide vital information to the public.

Furthermore, Mrs. Chisanga underscored the significant roles of media in agenda setting and watchdog functions, crucial for Zambia’s economic recovery by ensuring prudent utilization of public resources and highlighting areas requiring attention and intervention.

However, Mrs. Chisanga noted with concern that media workers often face physical attacks, wrongful dismissals, and verbal or legal repression while fulfilling their duties, emphasizing the need for a conducive legal environment and safety from violence and impunity.

On Labour Day, MISA Zambia reaffirmed the importance of granting media workers the space to carry out their duties without fear or hindrance, emphasizing the pivotal role they play in Zambia’s economic recovery.

Mrs. Chisanga extended warm wishes to the Zambian workforce and all media workers, acknowledging their dedication and contribution to the nation’s economic resilience.

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