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Zambia’s Fight Against Street Children Gets a Boost

The Zambian government’s efforts to combat street children received a positive evaluation during a visit by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services Permanent Secretary, Angela Kawandami, to DAPP Children’s Town in Chibombo district. 

Ms. Kawandami commended the Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) for providing a critical element in the fight against street children. DAPP’s Children’s Town offers a unique approach that combines vocational and entrepreneurial skills training with a supportive community environment. 

This approach, according to Ms. Kawandami, fosters successful rehabilitation and reintegration of former street children back into society. 

The visit highlighted the ongoing collaboration between DAPP and the Zambian government. DAPP has been working with the Ministry since 2009 on the Child Welfare Programme. 

This program focuses on improving the lives of children within their families and communities, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable children, including those living on the streets. 

DAPP’s Children’s Town acts as a safe haven for children removed from the streets. It provides a nurturing environment that supports growth, care, and development. 

The Youth Academy, a core program at the center, offers a two-year vocational, life skills, and entrepreneurial skills program for these former street children. 

During the visit, Ms. Kawandami and her delegation toured the various vocational training programs offered at the Children’s Town, including general agriculture, metal fabrication, and tailoring. 

They also visited classrooms for general curriculum subjects ranging from early childhood education to grade 11. 

Additionally, they were treated to a showcase of culinary skills by students enrolled in the Modern Chef program, followed by a performance of drama, poetry, and cultural dances by the children.

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