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Bloggers of Zambia Celebrate Labour Day and Champion Digital Worker Rights

The Zambian blogosphere joined the global labor movement on May 1st, 2024, to celebrate Labour Day and advocate for worker rights in the digital age.

Led by CEO Richard Mulonga, Bloggers of Zambia reaffirmed its commitment to advocating for digital worker rights. They emphasized the importance of fairness, equity, and dignity in the workplace, especially considering the growing interconnectedness between worker rights and digital rights. 

Mr. Mulonga believes that recognizing this connection is crucial for building a more inclusive and sustainable future for workers in the digital age.

He highlighted the concept of “worker’s rights as digital rights.” This concept is particularly relevant in today’s world, where gig and platform work, alongside advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), present both opportunities and challenges for workers.

Mr. Mulonga acknowledges the rapid transformation of the work landscape, particularly the rise of gig and platform-based jobs facilitated by digital platforms. While acknowledging the flexibility and autonomy offered by these new forms of work, Bloggers of Zambia also raises concerns about job security, fair wages, and access to essential worker protections for these individuals.

Bloggers of Zambia calls for the recognition and protection of the rights of all workers, especially gig and platform workers. This includes ensuring fair compensation, safe working conditions, and access to social protections.

Mr. Mulonga also addresses the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution, where AI is reshaping industries and automating tasks. He emphasizes the importance of ensuring workers are not left behind in this digital revolution.

While acknowledging the potential of AI to enhance productivity and efficiency, Bloggers of Zambia recognizes the challenges of job displacement, algorithmic bias, and privacy concerns associated with this technology.

They advocate for the responsible and ethical deployment of AI, human-centric approaches to AI development and equipping workers with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital economy.

By taking these steps, Bloggers of Zambia believes we can navigate the digital age and ensure a future where all workers can benefit from technological advancements.

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