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FRA Starts Buying White Maize to Address Drought Situation

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) of Zambia has begun purchasing non-genetically modified (GMO) grade A white maize from individuals and organizations across the country, effective immediately.

This initiative comes in response to the recent declaration of a national drought disaster by President Hakainde Hichilema.

According to FRA Executive Director Mr. Mwansa C. Chamatete, Farmers and suppliers have two options to sell their maize to the FRA.

The first option is to deliver their maize to the nearest FRA Main Holding Depot countrywide. Payments will be made promptly upon processing of documents. The current buying price is K330 per 50kg bag, translating to K6,600 per metric tonne.

The second option is to sell maize through the Zambia Commodity Exchange (ZAMACE) online platform. ZAMACE facilitates transparent trading of agricultural commodities. Interested suppliers can find details and procedures on the ZAMACE website.

Mr. Chamatete emphasized that these actions are supplementary to the annual crop marketing season, which focuses on buying from small-scale farmers to replenish national food reserves

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