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FP2030 Report Links Family Planning Progress to Gender Equality

FP2030, a global partnership dedicated to expanding access to family planning, launched its 2023 measurement report, “Meeting the Moment: Family Planning and Gender Equality.”

The report highlights significant strides in family planning access worldwide, despite stagnant funding. 

Dr. Samukeliso Dube, FP2030 Executive Director, emphasized the report’s focus on success stories and future opportunities, with “more people than ever before using voluntary, rights-based contraception.”

This year’s report centers on the critical link between family planning and gender equality. It analyzes data from 85 countries, including new members Botswana, Namibia, and Jordan. 

The data reveals that over 377 million women of reproductive age in these countries now use modern contraception, a 92 million increase since 2012.

“This report comes at a critical juncture,” Dr. Dube stated, referencing the global maternal health crisis and the unmet contraceptive needs of 218 million women in developing countries. 

FP2030 emphasizes that access to family planning is integral to achieving gender equality, as it empowers women to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

The 2023 report reflects a shift in FP2030’s structure. The organization has transitioned from a centralized secretariat to five regional hubs, fostering a focus on regional priorities.

Each region contributes demographic updates, with a special focus on postpartum family planning, a practice chosen by the hubs for its positive impact on maternal and newborn health, and increased contraceptive use.

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