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Fatal Road Traffic Accident Claims Two Lives in Chisamba Area

A tragic road traffic accident occurred today at 05:50 hours in the Kabwese Farm area, located 4 kilometers south of Liteta Police Station along the Great North Road in Chisamba, resulting in the loss of two lives and multiple injuries.

Liteta Police Station received a distressing report detailing the incident, involving three vehicles and claiming the lives of two passengers. 

The primary parties involved were Mr. Jonathan Mwanza, aged 47, from Lunte Council, driving an Isuzu D-Max with three passengers, Mr. Chilombo Sydney, aged 33, from Luanshya, driving a Fuso Fighter with six passengers, and Mr. John Chitoti Lumbuala, aged 51, from Mulungushi Extension, Kabwe, driving a Toyota Fun Cargo with one passenger.

The accident unfolded when the Isuzu driver, allegedly due to excessive speed, collided with the stationary Fuso Fighter facing North on the left lane. 

Subsequently, the Isuzu swerved to the right, resulting in a collision with the oncoming Toyota Fun Cargo. 

Tragically, two unidentified passengers from the Isuzu lost their lives on the spot, while the driver and a baby sustained minor injuries.

The Fuso Fighter’s right side suffered damage due to the impact, and the Fun Cargo experienced a depressed right side with a shattered front windscreen. The Isuzu vehicle sustained extensive damage, highlighting the severity of the collision.

Injuries sustained in the accident include a painful right leg for one passenger from the Fuso Fighter and a swollen face with bleeding from the nose for the Fun Cargo driver. 

The injured individuals are currently receiving medical attention at Liteta Hospital, while the bodies of the deceased have been deposited in the hospital mortuary, awaiting postmortem examinations.

Rae Hamoonga, the Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed that investigations are underway, and additional details will be provided as they emerge. 

The Liteta Police Station is actively working to determine the circumstances surrounding the fatal accident and to establish accountability. 

The community is urged to exercise caution on the roads, adhere to speed limits, and prioritize safety to prevent such tragic incidents in the future.

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