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Zambia Police Repositioning for a Safer Zambia 

The 2024 Zambia Service Commanders Conference, held today under the theme “Repositioning the Zambia Police Service for a Safer and Secure Zambia Through Reforms,” concluded with key takeaways. 

Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu officiated at the event held at Sandy’s Creation in Chilanga. 

This strategic conference aimed to explore the ever-changing dynamics of policing and adapt the Zambia Police Service accordingly. 

The conference theme aligns with the Eighth National Development Plan’s vision of a safer and more secure Zambia, fostering socio-economic progress. 

The conference emphasized the importance of embracing technology to combat both emerging and traditional crime.  The government pledged its commitment to support the Zambia Police Service through resource mobilization to equip officers with modern tools and skills. 

The government expressed its delight at the Zambia Police Service’s ongoing reform journey.  The anticipated outcome is to strengthen institutional accountability, transparency, and efficiency while upholding the government’s commitment to human rights. 

Minister Mwiimbu urged the police to enforce the law impartially, emphasizing that selective enforcement erodes public trust. 

Inspector General of Police Graphel Musamba acknowledged the evolving policing environment driven by factors including changing crime trends, population growth, and increased economic activity. 

The Zambia Police Service is actively developing a blueprint to revamp its policing strategies.  This reform document aims to create a more effective police force equipped to handle Zambia’s dynamic environment and meet public expectations. 

Despite ongoing challenges, Mr. Musamba commended the government’s support.  The conference signifies a collaborative effort between the Zambia Police Service and the government to ensure a safer and more secure Zambia.

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