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Minister Tambatamba Discusses Stronger Collaboration with Chinese Delegation on Skills Development

The Zambian Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Brenda Mwika Tambatamba, met with a delegation led by the President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Zambia. 

The Minister expressed appreciation for the Chinese business community’s role in fostering partnerships and collaboration to advance trade and industry in Zambia.

Minister Tambatamba highlighted the strong diplomatic ties between Zambia and China, emphasizing their contribution to job creation and skills development in the Zambian labor market.  

She referenced a recent training program, “South to South and Triangular Cooperation on Mine Safety Capacity Building in Zambia 2023,” which trained 61 Ministry officers. 

The Minister urged the President of the Chamber to consider expanding such programs to further equip Zambians with the skills needed to compete effectively in the job market and boost overall labor productivity.

The Minister commended the upcoming sensitization workshop on labor laws organized by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. This workshop, aimed at educating members on Zambian labor laws and gathering feedback on challenges faced by businesses, is seen as a positive step towards achieving industrial harmony.

Hon. Tambatamba also highlighted the Ministry’s recent implementation of statutory instruments on minimum wages for various worker categories, including domestic workers, general orders, and shop owners. 

She encouraged the President and Chamber members to familiarize themselves with these regulations to ensure compliance. 

The Minister advised them to utilize resources provided by the Ministry, such as the Frequently Asked Questions and Responses Booklet and the Call Centre line 7010, for further clarification.

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