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Coalition Against Illicit Alcohol Launches “Rise Above” Campaign to Combat Junta Consumption in Zambia

In a groundbreaking move to address the pervasive issue of illicit alcohol consumption in Zambia, the Coalition Against Illicit Alcohol (CAIA) has initiated a bold campaign titled “Rise Above,” aimed at curbing the sale and consumption of junta, commonly known as illicit spirits.

Formally introduced on February 21st, 2024, CAIA’s campaign is designed to empower Zambians to take action against the consumption of illegal spirits.

The coalition, comprised of various organizations including the Church, public health entities, academia, private industry, and community media, among others, seeks to mobilize a social movement to transform Zambia by combating the detrimental effects of illicit alcohol.

Led by Co-Chairs Dr. Christopher Kalila MP and Prof. Myriam Sidibé, CAIA emphasizes the significance of collective effort in addressing the harmful impacts of junta consumption. 

“The long-lasting impact of the consumption of illicit spirits poses an immense risk to the future growth and prosperity of Zambia,” remarked Dr. Kalila. “We cannot stand idly by while over 70% of people ruin their health and lives by consuming illicit alcohol on a regular basis.”

Today, CAIA intensified its campaign with a striking activation event named the Junta Trap, staged at Lusaka’s City Market. Symbolizing the entrapment caused by addiction to illicit alcohol, an individual was theatrically confined within a large bottle resembling a typical container for illegal spirits, only to be rescued by friends, emphasizing the pivotal role of community support in overcoming addiction.

Speaking on the significance of the campaign launch, Prof. Sidibé stated, “Together we have a chance to make a difference, and we need as many organizations, companies, and citizens to join us as we fight for the health and well-being of this incredible nation.”

The “Rise Above” campaign encompasses a series of radio, television, and outdoor messages, alongside community education activations planned nationwide.

The CAIA invites all Zambians to unite in the effort to combat the scourge of junta consumption and build a healthier future for the nation.

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