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Zambia and Tanzania Move Forward with Full Concessioning of TAZARA Railway

Zambia and Tanzania are moving forward with plans to fully concession the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA), with both governments committed to the process. 

Transport and Logistics Minister Hon. Frank Tayali emphasized the openness of shareholders to explore various models to make the concessioning feasible.

The concessionaire, once selected, will outline clear steps for revitalizing TAZARA, including track maintenance, improvements, and safety enhancements like upgrading the signaling system. 

Zambia’s government is optimistic about gaining agreement from all involved parties, including Tanzania, Zambia, and China.

As discussions progress, the government is mindful of the workers’ well-being and aims to ensure their concerns are addressed. Plans also include recruiting and training competent workers and managers to oversee TAZARA’s operations effectively.

The decision to revitalize TAZARA was jointly agreed upon by the heads of state of China, Tanzania, and Zambia, underscoring the project’s significance as both an investment and a symbol of friendship among the three nations.

Ultimately, the goal is to commercialize the entire project, making it economically viable and sustainable for the long term, aligning with the shared objectives of all three countries involved.

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