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ZCSA takes Swift Action Against Substandard Fertilizer Amidst Consumer Safety Concerns 

The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) has initiated stringent measures against suspected substandard fertilizer in response to reports of illegal repackaging and mixing in parts of the Copperbelt and Northern Provinces.

The ZCSA, a statutory body mandated to enforce compulsory standards, recently quarantined bags of various fertilizer brands following joint efforts with other state institutions. 

The agency administers and ensures compliance with compulsory standards to protect consumers, the environment, and public health.

The quarantined bags are undergoing analysis after preliminary results indicated potential compromise of product quality due to alleged illegal mixing with unknown substances. 

The ZCSA is committed to disposing of the compromised product in accordance with the provisions of the Compulsory Standards Act No. 3 of 2017.

Brian Hatyoka, Head of Communications for the ZCSA, emphasized the agency’s dedication to consumer safety. “To prevent recurrence of such cases, ZCSA will intensify its monitoring activities, including market surveillance inspections and spot checks, particularly as we approach the planting season. This will be done in collaboration with other state agencies,” he stated.

The ZCSA has issued a warning to traders, urging them to avoid supplying chemical products that may harm consumers and the environment. The agency is prepared to seize such products from erring traders and prosecute them for adulterating commodities in the market.

Hatyoka further stressed the importance of consumer awareness, encouraging the public to purchase fertilizers only from reputable suppliers. 

He added that ZCSA will continue to create awareness among consumers on the need to buy fertilizer only from reputable suppliers to avoid falling prey to acts of deception by some unscrupulous traders.

In the agency’s pursuit of ensuring compliance with compulsory standards, ZCSA remains steadfast in its commitment to protecting consumers and the environment from potentially hazardous products. As investigations continue and actions are taken against those responsible, the agency remains a key player in upholding safety standards in Zambia.

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