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Zambeef Donates K150,000 in Support of 2024 Kuomboka Ceremony

Zambeef Products PLC has demonstrated its commitment to cultural heritage and community support by donating K150,000 in cash and products towards the hosting of the 2024 Kuomboka traditional ceremony.

Ezekiel Sekele, Executive Director for Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Zambeef PLC, highlighted the company’s longstanding partnership with the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) and emphasized the importance of unity and support in celebrating traditions and addressing challenges.

Mr. Sekele reiterated Zambeef’s dedication to supporting small-scale farmers facing climate change-related risks, particularly water-related challenges. He stressed the need for collaborative efforts to find sustainable solutions to climate change.

In addition to expressing condolences to the BRE for the recent passing of Induna Inete, Mr. Sekele emphasized the importance of community cohesion and mutual assistance during such times.

Meanwhile, Kuomboka Traditional Ceremony National Organizing Chairperson Prince Nathaniel Mubukwanu assured that despite concerns over drought, the ceremony will proceed as planned. He revealed plans for climate change awareness events, including a beauty pageant and school debates, to be held in Mongu as fundraising initiatives.

Mr. Mubukwanu highlighted the adverse effects of climate change on Barotseland, including challenges in livestock nutrition and disease burden. He expressed gratitude to Zambeef PLC for their continuous support towards the region’s small-scale farmers, stressing the importance of such partnerships for the community’s well-being.

The donation from Zambeef PLC is expected to contribute significantly to the successful hosting of the Kuomboka ceremony, underscoring the company’s commitment to cultural preservation and community development.

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