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Zambian Breweries Supports LCC and ZEMA in the Fight Against  Cholera 

Zambian Breweries, the leading beer manufacturer in the nation, has extended a helping hand in Zambia’s battle against cholera. The company has generously donated materials worth K686,250 to the Lusaka City Council (LCC) and the Zambia Environmental Agency (ZEMA) to aid in the ongoing efforts to curb the spread of the disease.

The donation, channeled through the Manja Pamodzi Foundation, includes a range of essential supplies such as personal protective equipment (PPE), disinfectants, and other crucial items. 

Among the items provided are 50 bags of 20kgs granular chlorine, 250 cases of liquid chlorine, 250 cases of 400ml hand sanitizer, 250 gumboots, 250 work suits, 250 raincoats, and 200 30-litre batches of sewage disinfectant.

Expressing solidarity with those affected by the crisis, Thais Cavinatto, the Country Director of Zambian Breweries, emphasized the importance of collective action.

“The outbreak affects everyone in our communities, directly or indirectly, and it takes collective action to overcome. Zambian Breweries stands in solidarity with those affected by this crisis,” stated Ms. Cavinatto.

In addition to the material donation, the Manja Pamodzi Foundation, backed by Zambian Breweries, has committed an additional K250,000 towards community clean-up activities. 

These activities will be rolled out in the coming weeks in areas identified as cholera hotspots, reflecting the company’s dedication to community well-being.

“The power of collective action is a belief deeply entrenched in our DNA. We can only thrive when our communities thrive,” Ms. Cavinatto added, underscoring the company’s commitment to community welfare.

The Mayor of the City of Lusaka, Chilando Chitangala, expressed gratitude for Zambian Breweries’ timely and substantial support. “It is gratifying to have companies such as yourselves respond to the call of supplementing the local authorities’ efforts to prevent the further spread of cholera, and ultimately saving lives,” said Mayor Chitangala.

Zambian Breweries also urged the public to adhere to critical preventive measures, including regular handwashing, sanitizing, and maintaining strict hygiene. 

The company emphasized its support for awareness initiatives endorsed by health authorities, aiming to educate the public, dispel myths, and foster individual and collective preparedness against the disease.

“In times of crisis, the brewing giant believes in the strength of communities uniting for a common cause, and this collaborative approach is pivotal in the ongoing battle against the cholera outbreak,” concluded Ms. Cavinatto.

Zambian Breweries continues to exemplify corporate citizenship by actively participating in initiatives that contribute to the health and well-being of the Zambian community during challenging times.

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