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Guidance Teachers Applauded for Critical Role in Learner Wellbeing

The Ministry of Education has lauded the significant contributions of guidance teachers in fostering the wellbeing and development of learners across Zambia.

This acknowledgment was made by the Director of Teacher Education and Specialized Services (TESS), Ngosa Kotati, during a five-day career skills development retreat in Kapiri Mposhi district.

Mr. Kotati emphasized the pivotal role guidance teachers play in helping students make lifelong decisions that impact not only their personal futures but also the nation as a whole.

“Guidance teachers are critical in shaping the wellbeing of our learners. Their work ensures that students are prepared to make informed decisions that can positively influence the future of our country,” he stated.

The retreat, held from May 30th to June 4th, brought together guidance teachers from all ten provinces of Zambia. Participants discussed best practices in providing specialized education, aiming to enhance the skills and knowledge imparted to students.

Despite the challenging conditions under which they operate, Mr. Kotati commended the dedication and commitment of guidance teachers. He urged them to continue their diligent work to remain relevant and effective in their roles within the education system.

In addition, the Ministry of Education’s Public Relations Officer, Jeff Banda, called on guidance teachers to align their efforts with the Ministry’s vision of creating “An educated and skilled nation.” He stressed the importance of guiding learners effectively to achieve this vision.

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