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Analyst Calls for Education Reform in Zambia 

In a recent statement, economic analyst Kelvin Chisanga has urged the Zambian Ministry of Education to revolutionize the education sector, emphasizing the need to move beyond mere certification and focus on practical learning experiences.

Mr. Chisanga highlights a concerning trend where many Zambians attend school solely with the aim of passing examinations, often neglecting the practical application of the knowledge they acquire. 

He stresses the importance of aligning secondary education with industry requirements to better prepare students for the workforce.

“Education should be more than just obtaining a certificate. It should be about equipping students with the necessary practical skills and professional requirements demanded by various industries,” Chisanga stated.

Proposing a solution, an analyst advocates for the introduction of pupilage programs by the government, aimed at providing students with hands-on experience in different industries. 

This, he believes, will offer a more holistic approach to education, ensuring that students not only possess academic qualifications but also have practical skills relevant to the job market.

Furthermore, an economist Chisanga points out a gap between academic research and its practical application in addressing real-world challenges. 

He calls for a greater utilization of research findings to drive economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Acknowledging the need for ethical considerations in public discourse, Mr. Chisanga underscores the importance of responsible information sharing while advocating for meaningful reforms in the education sector.

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