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Govt Concludes Preliminary Surveys on Sugilite Mining  

The Zambian government has successfully completed its initial surveys on Sugilite mining in Mansa district, Luapula province, with hopes to finalize all necessary processes by the end of the first quarter of 2024. 

The Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development Permanent Secretary, Hapenga Kabeta, provided an update, stating that a team of technocrats deployed to a specific mine in Mansa has completed their assessments and is awaiting authorization from the relevant authorities for the proposed mining format.

Dr. Kabeta revealed to Phoenix News that the government is eager to gain clarity on the findings and recommendations from the surveys, seeking official approval to commence large-scale mining of Sugilite. 

The mineral has recently garnered attention due to unauthorized activities, prompting the need for regulated and organized mining.

The Permanent Secretary emphasized the ongoing discussions about the future of the gold mining industry. Key stakeholders are currently reviewing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) before implementing a well-organized sector. 

Dr. Kabeta explained that the MOU outlines procedures for the collection, processing, and refining of gold within the country. The government’s objective is to swiftly adopt practical solutions in the gold mining industry based on extensive consultations with relevant stakeholders.

Source: Phoenix News

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