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Zombe Kasesha Border in Mbala District Set for Modernization 

The Zombe Kasesha Border post in Mbala district is poised for a major transformation as the government unveils plans for its modernization, according to Lands and Natural Resources Minister Elijah Muchima.

During his visit to the border as part of a feasibility study, Minister Muchima outlined the government’s commitment to modernizing the border post. 

The visit aimed to assess the area for potential relocations of residents and to determine suitable locations for the construction of new offices.

Minister Muchima emphasized that the modernization of Zombe Kasesha Border will not only alleviate traffic congestion but also contribute to increased revenue collection at the Nakonde post. 

He highlighted the significance of recognizing Zambia as a landlinked country rather than landlocked, emphasizing the urgency to enhance all border facilities.

“I know we have not started any work here yet. But please, as you start, make sure you plan it well so that we avoid that situation at Nakonde border post,” noted Minister Muchima.

He urged the local authority to ensure a well-thought-out plan for the border modernization and stressed the importance of avoiding the challenges faced at other border posts. 

Minister Muchima specifically addressed the need for comprehensive consultations with residents to prevent displacements.

“Please, if there are any plans to have people relocated, you have to negotiate with them and ensure that you give them a place they like and be well compensated; otherwise, politics will be at play here,” cautioned Minister Muchima.

Gilson Chanda, the Mbala District Administration Officer, expressed optimism about the positive impacts of the modernization project. 

He anticipated that once the border post is upgraded, it will attract increased investment, subsequently improving the lives of the local community.

Source: ZANIS

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