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Govt Initiates Resettlement Program for Social Cash Transfer Beneficiaries Amid Cholera Concerns 

In response to the ongoing cholera epidemic and with the aim of decongesting selected compounds in Lusaka, the Zambian government has introduced a resettlement scheme for Social Cash Transfer beneficiaries and other vulnerable groups. 

This initiative seeks to improve living conditions for individuals residing in disease-prone areas due to unplanned settlements and various social factors.

Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Ms. Doreen Mwamba, announced the resettlement program during her interaction with Social Cash Transfer beneficiaries at Kanyama and Twashuka basic schools in Lusaka’s Kanyama township. 

Ms. Mwamba emphasized that the program, managed under the office of the vice president, aims to empower citizens who lack the capacity to purchase land on the open market, aligning with the government’s resettlement policy.

To support those relocated, the government plans to provide startup funds and essential amenities to ensure dignified living conditions. Ms. Mwamba stressed the importance of not leaving vulnerable populations behind in the nation’s development efforts.

“You cannot develop the nation if the vulnerable people are left behind,” stated Ms. Mwamba, encouraging stakeholders to support interventions designed to uplift the welfare of vulnerable citizens.

The resettlement plan will prioritize individuals with disabilities, followed by the elderly, and subsequently include other vulnerable groups such as the unemployed, retired, near retirement, and internally displaced individuals. 

Ms. Mwamba acknowledged the current challenges posed by the cholera outbreak and assured the public that the government is committed to addressing these issues through social protection interventions.

In addition to the resettlement program, the government is implementing other social protection measures, including the price shock social cash transfer. Kanyama, one of the affected areas, has a total of 4,210 beneficiary households out of the national caseload of over 1.3 million. 

The government’s multifaceted approach aims to combat the cholera outbreak and create sustainable empowerment opportunities for vulnerable citizens in Zambia.

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