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North Western Province Authorities Rally Against Child Labour

Responding to the alarming prevalence of child labour in the region, Deputy Permanent Secretary Tikki Mulofwa of North Western Province has issued a call for unified action and the stringent enforcement of existing legislation to address this pressing concern.

During a visit from officials representing the Department of Child Development under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, Mr. Mulofwa expressed deep concern over the widespread involvement of children in various forms of labor, including mining, farming, and fishing.

“Children as young as 8 years old are seen doing hard work when they should be in school,” remarked Mr. Mulofwa. 

He emphasized the immediate need for collaborative measures to tackle this critical issue affecting the younger generation.

The officials from the Department of Child Development were in the province to monitor the implementation of the Children’s Code Act. 

Mr. Mulofwa stressed the importance of enforcing the Act and called on all stakeholders, including parents and guardians, to play an active role in eradicating child labour.

“No child is supposed to work; it is a violation of their rights. Children are supposed to be at school and not working,” he asserted.

Child labour is a persistent global issue, and North Western Province is not exempt from this challenge. The Deputy Permanent Secretary highlighted the urgency of creating awareness and mobilizing communities to actively contribute to the prevention of child labour.

The Children’s Code Act is designed to safeguard the rights and well-being of children, ensuring their access to education and a safe environment for proper growth and development. 

Mr. Mulofwa’s call for concerted efforts underscores the importance of a collective approach in eliminating child labour and creating a brighter future for the youth in the province.

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