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Shooting Incident at Twin Palm Mall Sparks Concerns

A drinking session took a violent turn in the early hours of today at Twin Palm Mall in Salama Park when Isaac Mutale allegedly shot his friend, Richard Diza, during an argument at the Black Pub and Grill. The incident occurred around 01:00 hours and was reported to the police by Nasho Sombe, aged 34, of Salama Park at 02:40 hours.

According to brief facts provided by the police, Mutale and Diza were engaged in a drinking session that escalated into a heated argument, ultimately resulting in the shooting. Law enforcement officials visited the scene, discovering one empty cartridge and one live bullet. The pistol used in the act was also recovered.

The victim, Richard Diza, was admitted to Levy Mwanawansa Teaching Hospital with injuries and both legs broken as a result of the incident.

In response to this incident and a growing trend of individuals carrying firearms into drinking establishments, the Zambia Police Service issued a stern warning to both patrons and owners/managers of such establishments. The police expressed concern over the reckless and dangerous behavior, emphasizing the significant threat it poses to public safety.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Rae Hamoonga, urged patrons to refrain from bringing firearms into drinking establishments. Additionally, establishment owners and managers were advised to implement stringent security measures to prevent weapons from being brought onto their premises.

To enhance safety, the police recommended collaboration with local law enforcement for regular security assessments, thorough security screenings for all patrons, installation of surveillance cameras, and the display of visible signage indicating a strict no-firearms policy within the premises.

The Zambia Police Service emphasized their commitment to ensuring community safety and called for cooperation from both patrons and establishment owners. Those found violating firearm regulations will face legal consequences.

The public was encouraged to report any information related to such activities or seek assistance in implementing security measures by contacting the nearest police station. The police expressed hope that collective efforts would create a safer environment for everyone in the community.

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