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Lusaka City Council Seizes and Destroys 31.4 kg of Unsafe Meat to Combat Anthrax Outbreak

In a proactive effort to prevent the spread of Anthrax in the City of Lusaka, the Lusaka City Council (LCC) has recently taken bold measures to ensure the safety of its residents.

LCC’s public health inspectors conducted a rigorous inspection of meat premises in Kanyama and Linda compounds, which led to the seizure and disposal of 31.4 kilograms of meat products declared unfit for human consumption.

The operation took place on November 8th, 2023, with LCC’s Public Health Inspectors conducting Anthrax Sensitization and Compliance Monitoring of various meat-related establishments, including butcheries, factories, supermarkets, and retail groceries. 

During the inspection, a staggering 7 kilograms of porcine meat and 24.1 kilograms of bovine (beef) were seized for lacking proper documentation to prove that they had been inspected by health authorities, making it impossible to trace their origin.

This action comes as an addition to the 900 kilograms of assorted meat that the council had previously seized and disposed of on November 4th, 2023, bringing the total amount to a significant 934.1 kilograms of meat inspected and destroyed in an effort to control the spread of Anthrax within the city.

The 10 inspected premises were found to be in violation of the Public Health Act, Chapter 295 of the laws of Zambia. 

This violation necessitated the seizure of the meat products to protect members of the public from the risks associated with Anthrax contamination.

The LCC has taken further precautions by disposing of all the 31.4 kilograms of unsafe meat through a controlled burning process to prevent any potential further spread of Anthrax.

The Local Authority, represented by Nyambe Bulumba, the Public Relations Officer, has issued a stern warning to all meat sellers against violating the Public Health Act and the Food Safety Act, urging them to comply with the necessary regulations to safeguard the health of the city’s residents.

In response, the public is encouraged to only purchase meat from certified and registered meat sellers to ensure their safety and compliance with health standards. 

The Lusaka City Council has pledged to remain unwavering in its commitment to sensitizing and inspecting meat and other food products throughout the city, ensuring they meet the required health standards.

According to the Ministry of Health, Lusaka has reported a total of 13 cases of Anthrax, with Kanyama recording five cases, Matero with six, and Chelston and Chilenje each reporting one case. 

The Lusaka City Council’s recent actions are part of a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the spread of this dangerous disease within the city.

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