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Earth Check CEO Applauds Govt Empowerment Programs as Transparent and Inclusive

Alfred Yotamu, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Earth Check Investment Limited, has lauded the government’s commitment to empowering young people through various institutions and programs. 

Mr. Yotamu expressed his appreciation during a visit by officials from the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) to his recycling company to assess the impact of funds received.

Yotamu acknowledged the support his company received from CEEC, highlighting that it allowed Earth Check Investment Limited to not only thrive but also contribute to youth employment. 

He dispelled any misconceptions about the application process, noting that he applied and received an empowerment loan solely based on merit, without any personal connections within the commission.

The CEO shared that his perception changed after responding to an advertisement on television, emphasizing the transparency and accessibility of CEEC’s empowerment programs. 

This serves as a testament to the effectiveness of government initiatives in fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Michelo Mukata, the Public Relations Manager of CEEC, expressed satisfaction with the growth of Earth Check Investment Limited’s recycling business following the infusion of the booster empowerment fund. 

He encouraged individuals who have benefited from such programs to prioritize loan repayments, ensuring a continuous cycle of support for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Mr. Mukata disclosed that the Commission is currently handling 110,000 applications for the 2022-2023 period, totaling almost K30 billion. 

In light of this backlog, he announced that the Commission will not be calling for new applications to focus on processing the existing ones efficiently.

The government’s empowerment initiatives continue to play a pivotal role in providing financial support to entrepreneurs and fostering economic development, as demonstrated by success stories like Earth Check Investment Limited. 

The call for responsible loan repayments echoes the need for a sustainable and inclusive approach to empowering individuals and businesses across the country.

Additional Source: ZANIS

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