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86-Year-Old Beneficiary of Social Cash Transfer Program Transforms Life in Lavushimanda, Muchinga Province

At 80 years old, Edward Museba from Lavushimanda District in Muchinga Province, Zambia, stands as a testament to the transformative power of social welfare programs. A beneficiary of the Social Cash Transfer (SCT) program, Mr. Museba has overcome the challenges of old age by using the support received from the initiative to construct a new house for himself and his family.

Before joining the SCT program, Mr. Museba faced difficulties in supporting his family as the limitations of old age hindered his ability to work. However, his life took a positive turn after becoming a participant in the SCT program.

Sharing his journey, Mr. Museba explained that he strategically saved a portion of the funds received through the SCT and utilized a small part to purchase building materials. Grateful for the transformative impact of the program, he expressed his anticipation of moving into the new, more spacious house with his family soon.

“The house we are living in is small, but I will soon be moving to my new house and live comfortably with my family,” Mr. Museba shared. He emphasized the importance of using the grants productively to enhance living standards, stating, “There is always light at the end of a tunnel, and I believe this is the light I have witnessed.”

Commending the responsible use of funds by beneficiaries, he highlighted that the grants were not misused but rather utilized to improve their overall living conditions. Mr. Museba extended his gratitude to the government for prioritizing the needs of the people in Lavushimanda, recognizing the positive impact of initiatives like the SCT program on the community.

Encouraging fellow beneficiaries, Mr. Museba urged them to make proper use of the financial assistance provided by the program. His story stands as an inspiring example of how social welfare programs can bring tangible improvements to the lives of elderly citizens, fostering a sense of security and well-being within the community.

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