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Pest Infestation Hits Soya Bean Fields in Mkushi

More than 8,000 farmer households in Mkushi District, Zambia, have reported pest attacks on their soya bean fields in the past week. The infestation, identified as the ‘black beetle,’ has affected a total of 5,017 hectares since the beginning of the year, impacting 8,426 households across 10 agricultural camps.

Confirming the situation, Mkushi District Senior Agriculture Officer (SAO) Patrick Mutale highlighted the severity of the pest attacks and the urgent need for intervention. The affected camps include Lweo, Nshinso, and Chibefwe, with Lweo recording the highest impact, affecting 1,892 farmers and ravaging 1,005 hectares.

The government is actively addressing the crisis, and the recommended intervention involves the application of chemical pesticides, such as Benzoic Emelectine, to mitigate the impact of the infestation. Mr. Mutale assured that efforts are underway to protect all 35 agricultural camps spread over the seven agricultural blocks in the region.

He emphasized the comprehensive planning by his office to ensure that the situation is effectively addressed, protecting the livelihoods of farmers who rely on soya bean cultivation. The infestation poses a significant threat to the agricultural community, and swift action is crucial to safeguarding the yield and income of the affected households.

Source: ZANIS

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