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Chasefu MP Commends New Dawn Government for Accelerating CDF Projects

Chasefu Member of Parliament (MP) Misheck Nyambose expressed his elation with the rapid progress of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects in Chasefu District, Eastern Province. 

Mr. Nyambose, who conducted a comprehensive tour of his constituency to assess the implementation of CDF projects, commended the New Dawn Government for positively impacting the lives of the people in Chasefu and the entire nation.

In an official statement issued by Vernon Muwema, the Chasefu Town Council Public Relations Officer, Mr. Nyambose emphasized that Zambia is fortunate to have a government that prioritizes the well-being of all citizens equally. 

He encouraged President Hakainde Hichilema to persist in elevating the standards of Zambians, acknowledging the transformative impact of the increased CDF allocation.

Mr. Nyambose highlighted the effective management of CDF projects by Chasefu Town Council and called for unity among stakeholders in the district to enhance community service.

During his tour, the MP visited various CDF projects, including a completed 1 by 3 classroom block at Champheta Magodi Primary School, a staff house at roof level in Kapilisanga Ward, a 1 by 2 classroom block at Chidolo Primary School in Luwerezi Ward, a completed 1 by 3 classroom block at Mswazi Community School in Kajilime Ward, a completed staff house at Susa Primary School in Susa Ward, a staff house at Khulamayembe Primary School in Mandaholl Ward in its final stage, and a 1 by 3 classroom block at Eluhangeni Primary School in Chaboli Ward.

Accompanied by Chasefu District Commissioner Jimmy Phiri, Mr. Nyambose also engaged with ward development committees to understand their challenges and explore ways to improve their effectiveness.

Chasefu District Commissioner Jimmy Phiri expressed optimism about the positive transformation in the district due to the increased CDF allocation, fostering much-needed infrastructure development.

In response to the construction of a staff house at Susa Primary School, Headmen Chiwongo and Katika, along with the Parents-Teachers Association Chairperson in Susa Ward, expressed their happiness, noting that it would motivate teachers to provide the required service effectively. 

They highlighted the accommodation challenges faced by teachers at Susa Primary School, underscoring the positive impact of the ongoing infrastructure development.

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