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Govt has Released  K2.4 Million for  Bridge Construction in Solwezi

The government has disbursed K2.4 million for the construction of a concrete bridge spanning the Mutanda River in the Mayonde area of Solwezi. The announcement was made by the Member of Parliament for Solwezi Central, Stafford Mulusa, during his recent inspection of the deteriorating bridge.

Mr. Mulusa expressed concern about the current state of the bridge, emphasizing its adverse impact on the community’s development. The existing condition of the bridge has hindered the movement of goods, posing challenges for the local population.

“This is Mutanda River, a substantial waterway in this region. The crossing point here is more expansive than the existing bridge in Solwezi. The government has recognized the urgency and has allocated funds for a concrete bridge to alleviate the difficulties faced by our people,” stated Mr. Mulusa.

The parliamentarian highlighted the bridge’s crucial role in supporting various aspects of the community, including education and commerce. Schoolchildren from across the river have been impeded in accessing education due to the current state of the bridge. Additionally, the burgeoning commercial farming sector in the area necessitates improved infrastructure for the transportation of goods.

“With the new funds allocated, we are evaluating the most suitable type of bridge for this location. The local authority has already awarded the contract, and once the rains subside, the contractor is expected to commence work immediately,” Mr. Mulusa disclosed.

The bridge project is anticipated to bring relief to the Solwezi Central Constituency, facilitating smoother transportation and connectivity for residents, students, and businesses alike. The allocation of funds underscores the government’s commitment to addressing critical infrastructure needs and promoting sustainable development in the region.

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