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Zambian Govt Invests in Tourism Infrastructure

The Minister of Labour and Social Security, Brenda Tambatamba, has announced the government’s commitment to rural development aimed at fostering decent living standards and wealth creation across various provinces.

She emphasized this during a visit to Muchinga Province, where she revealed that over 160 million Kwacha is being allocated by the Workers Compensation Fund Control Board towards the construction of the first modern budget hotel in Chinsali District.

Ms. Tambatamba stressed the urgency of activating investments in Muchinga Province, particularly in sectors like tourism, to elevate the region’s socio-economic status.

She assured that the government would prioritize the development of Muchinga Province by encouraging investments, particularly in tourism and other economic activities.

The Minister highlighted the government’s focus on maximizing the economic potential of various provinces, especially in the Northern circuit, with an emphasis on tourism development.

In response, Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary, Henry Mukungule, expressed concern over the lack of infrastructure development in the area, which has been hindering progress.

He cited instances where government officials had to hold important meetings outside of Chinsali due to inadequate hotel infrastructure.

Mr. Mukungule expressed hope that the upcoming exposition in Muchinga Province would unlock the region’s potential across various sectors of the economy.

Additionally, it’s mentioned that the Minister of Labour and Social Security is touring Workers Compensation Fund Control Board investment projects in the Northern Circuit, underlining the government’s commitment to infrastructure and economic development in the region.

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