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Zambezi District Bolsters Anti-GBV Efforts with New Police Vehicles

In a significant step towards enhancing the fight against Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Zambezi District has received a fleet of new police vehicles funded by Constituency Development Fund (CDF). The commissioning ceremony was led by Members of Parliament representing Zambezi East and Zambezi West constituencies.

The Save the Environment and People’s Agency (SEPA) expressed its satisfaction with the initiative, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on both the Zambia Police and the communities in the ongoing battle against GBV. SEPA views the provision of these CDF-funded police vehicles as a crucial support mechanism for law enforcement agencies.

SEPA CEO, Mailes Muke, highlighted the relief these vehicles bring to both the Zambia Police and the communities, especially considering the significant challenges law enforcement faced due to a lack of transport. The new vehicles, commissioned in the district, are expected to play a pivotal role in strengthening the response to GBV cases.

SEPA called upon the Inspector General of Police to ensure the safeguarding of these vehicles, emphasizing their importance in supporting the Victims Support Unit nationwide. 

The CEO acknowledged that lack of transport had been a major hurdle for law enforcement agencies in their efforts to combat GBV, and the new vehicles mark a significant step in overcoming this challenge.

The agency urged women and girls across the country to report GBV cases to the Zambia Police without hesitation, emphasizing that the recent acquisition of these vehicles has addressed the previous transportation challenges faced by law enforcement. 

Ms. Muke said that this move aligns with national efforts to create a safer environment for all citizens and strengthen the response to gender-based crimes.

As Zambia continues its commitment to combating GBV, the addition of these new police vehicles is seen as a commendable and practical step towards achieving a safer and more secure society. 

As citizens we hope that with improved resources and infrastructure, law enforcement agencies will be better equipped to address and prevent instances of Gender-Based Violence effectively.

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