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Zambian Football Prodigy Kundananji Makes History with GOAL50 Triumph

The Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) extends heartfelt congratulations to Racheal Kundananji, a forward for the Zambia National female soccer team, for a historic achievement as the first African player to top the prestigious GOAL50 list, encompassing both women’s and men’s football.

Grace Manyonga Sinkamba, Chairperson of the NGOCC, expressed immense pride in Kundananji’s groundbreaking accomplishment, highlighting it as a momentous milestone in the history of the GOAL50 award. The award recognizes the exceptional performances of the world’s top 50 footballers over the course of a year.

Ms. Sinkamba, representing the women’s movement, emphasized the significance of Kundananji’s win as a powerful motivation for aspiring young women considering football as a career. The victory underscores the potential for women to excel in the sport when given equal opportunities.

In her statement, Ms. Sinkamba called on young women to draw inspiration from Kundananji’s journey and strive for excellence in all their endeavors. The GOAL50 Award serves as a testament to the fact that women, just like men, can thrive and make significant contributions in any sector, given the right opportunities.

The NGOCC lauded Kundananji’s exceptional talent and dedication, recognizing her as a role model for women athletes across the continent. As the first-ever African woman to receive the prestigious GOAL50 Award, Kundananji’s achievement is hailed as an extraordinary feat.

Ms. Sinkamba concluded by sending a heartfelt congratulations to Ms. Kundananji, emphasizing her win as a source of pride and inspiration for the women’s movement, encouraging all young women to aspire to greatness in their chosen fields.

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