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Major Train Accident in Ndola 

A serious train accident happened in Ndola, Zambia, on 10th December, 2023 around 12:50 hrs near the Kafubu River Bridge rail crossing. Edwin Choonga, who works for Zambia Railways, reported the incident. The Northern and Inter Mines Regional Manager stated that a Shunt movement train derailed.

Rae Hamoonga, the Police Public Relations Officer, shared the details. Around 13:02 hrs, the station master at Bwana Mkubwa called to report a runaway train from their station to Ndola town Centre. 

They suspected brake failure. The runaway train, driven by Simon Nkhoma, later derailed near Kafubu River Bridge rail crossing. One wagon came off the rail, causing a chain reaction of derailments.

As the runaway train left Bwana Mkubwa, it joined with the Impala train going the opposite way. During the connection, the Impala train started going backward towards Ndola station and collided with the runaway train. About 20 wagons overturned, with six carrying sugar for export by Zambia Sugar and 12 carrying coal.

Simon Nkhoma, the runaway train driver, is at Ndeke Mini Hospital with body pains. Two others from the Impala train, Lyindunda Kenneth and Chimuka Nalube, are at Ndola Teaching Hospital with injuries.

Zambia Police and Zambia Railways officers are watching over the goods as locals attempted to loot the sugar. The rail line is completely damaged at the derailment site.

The incident raises concerns about railway safety and maintenance practices. Recovery for the Ndola community will take time.

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