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President  Hichilema  Meets Senior Chief Magodi

President Hakainde Hichilema engaged in a crucial meeting with Senior Chief Magodi, aimed at fostering unity, development, and regional progress

The discussions, held in Eastern Province, centered around key points addressing the role of traditional leaders, infrastructure challenges, education, and community development initiatives.

President Hichilema began by emphasizing the pivotal role traditional leaders play in fostering national unity. 

Recognizing them as essential partners in development and advocates for peace, he reiterated the government’s commitment to working closely with traditional leaders to enhance the nation’s overall well-being.

Highlighting the legacy of love and unity advocated by the late President Kenneth Kaunda, President Hichilema expressed his commitment to perpetuating these values. 

The meeting served as a platform to underscore the importance of unity in achieving sustainable development and progress for the entire nation.

Addressing specific challenges faced by Eastern Province, particularly in infrastructure like the road network, President Hichilema assured Senior Chief Magodi of the government’s dedication to overcoming these hurdles. 

The commitment to enhancing conditions in the region aligns with the broader goal of fostering equitable development across all provinces.

Education emerged as a key focal point, with President Hichilema reiterating the government’s resolute commitment to implementing the free education policy. 

Recognizing education as a paramount investment, he pledged heightened attention to its growth and development. 

The emphasis on education aligns with the government’s vision for empowering the youth and ensuring equal access to educational opportunities.

Acknowledging Senior Chief Magodi’s appreciation for the increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation, President Hichilema emphasized the positive impact of CDF on fostering infrastructure activities within the district. 

The government’s commitment to supporting community-driven initiatives further reinforces the collaborative approach to regional development. 

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