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ZAMMSA Takes Strides to Reduce Neonatal Mortality Rates in Zambia

The Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMMSA) has successfully procured 92 Infant Incubators and 92 Resuscitaire Machines, collectively valued at K12 million.

The newly acquired equipment is a significant step towards enhancing healthcare services in Zambia, specifically targeting the reduction of neonatal mortality rates. 

The distribution and installation of these life-saving machines have already commenced at key health facilities, including Levy Mwanawasa, Livingstone, Mazabuka, and Choma General Hospitals. 

Additional facilities in the allocation plan are anticipated to receive the equipment by the second week of December 2023.

Designed to play a crucial role in clinical emergencies, such as assisting in the resuscitation of newborns facing breathing difficulties, the Infant Incubators and Resuscitaire Machines are poised to make a substantial impact. 

These interventions are expected not only to facilitate the work of midwives but also to significantly decrease the likelihood of infants succumbing within the first month of life.

In an official statement issued by Bradley Chingobe, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at ZAMMSA, expressed confidence in the positive outcomes expected from this strategic investment. 

“We believe that this equipment will not only ease the responsibilities of midwives but will also contribute to a tangible reduction in neonatal mortality rates,” he stated.

This procurement aligns seamlessly with the vision outlined by the Republic President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, who consistently emphasizes the urgent need for a continuous supply of cost-effective and high-quality medicines and medical supplies throughout Zambia.

Mr. Chingobe reiterates ZAMMSA’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling the government’s agenda of providing equitable access to quality healthcare services for all Zambians. 

The agency remains dedicated to making substantial contributions towards achieving improved health outcomes across the nation.

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