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Joint Operation at Lusaka Intercity Bus Terminal Leads to 41 Arrests and Cleanup of Illicit Activities

A collaborative operation led by the Zambia Police Service, the Drug Enforcement Commission, and the Lusaka City Council successfully took place today at the Intercity Bus Terminal, aiming to enhance public safety and curb organized crime. 

This joint effort led to the apprehension of 41 individuals involved in various illicit activities within the terminal.

The individuals, comprising 3 females and 38 males, were found participating in illegal trading activities. Specifically, 31 were detained for idle and disorderly conduct, 8 for engaging in illicit trading without proper licenses, and 2 for offenses related to illicit drugs.

The operation, conducted from 09:00hrs to 11:30hrs, was a response to numerous reports from the public highlighting disorderly conduct in the Intercity Bus Terminal area. Joint investigations confirmed the validity of these reports.

During the operation, law enforcement officers confiscated assorted alcoholic substances, drugs, including Cannabis, suspected narcotics, and Cordine. 

Additionally, all illegal structures in the area were demolished to eliminate potential hubs for illicit activities.

To maintain law and order, ongoing investigations have been initiated, and additional security officers have been deployed in the area. All detained suspects are presently held in police custody, awaiting formal charges.

This collaborative clean-up operation demonstrates the commitment of law enforcement agencies to work together under the inter-agency framework agreement, with the goal of eradicating organized crime in the country. 

The joint effort aims to create safer environments for the public while upholding the principles of justice and the rule of law.

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