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President Hichilema Encourages Youth Empowerment and Agricultural Innovation at National Youth Day Celebration

President Hakainde Hichilema led festivities at this year’s National Youth Day celebration, held at David Kaunda Stadium in Chipata, Eastern Province. The event served as a platform for emphasizing the crucial role of young people in the nation’s development and prosperity.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, President Hichilema reiterated his administration’s unwavering commitment to creating an enabling environment for Zambia’s youth. He highlighted their immense potential as the country’s greatest asset and pledged continued efforts to foster opportunities for their growth and success.

“Take advantage of your youthfulness to succeed in life,” President Hichilema urged, emphasizing the importance of hard work and discipline in achieving personal and professional goals. He assured the youth that the government would persist in its endeavors to generate employment opportunities and empower them through various initiatives.

In a particularly poignant moment, President Hichilema addressed the challenges posed by the recent drought, empathizing with farmers who had faced adversity during the farming season. “Ma Youth, balimi banzanga, don’t get discouraged with the drought,” he said, acknowledging their efforts and resilience in the face of hardship.

However, rather than dwelling on setbacks, President Hichilema expressed a vision of turning adversity into opportunity. He announced ambitious plans to prioritize irrigation as a means of ensuring food security and boosting agricultural productivity. “We will use the drought to turn it into an opportunity that will change the course of our nation for the better,” he declared.

In a tangible demonstration of this commitment, President Hichilema revealed plans to realign the year’s budget to prioritize irrigation infrastructure and agricultural development. This strategic investment, he emphasized, would not only mitigate the effects of drought but also lay the foundation for long-term prosperity and self-sufficiency.

As the event concluded, President Hichilema extended his blessings to Zambia’s youth, invoking divine guidance and support in their endeavors. The celebration served as a rallying cry for unity, resilience, and progress, setting the stage for a brighter future under the leadership of Zambia’s youth.

With President Hichilema’s visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to youth empowerment and agricultural innovation, Zambia stands poised to overcome challenges and embark on a path of sustainable growth and prosperity.

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