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Ethiopian Airlines Ban Sack Bags on Nigeria Flights

Ethiopian Airlines has officially banned the use of ‘Ghana Must Go’ sack bags by passengers boarding its flights in Nigeria. The ban, effective since November 25th, 2023, aims to address frequent damages to conveyor belts at various airports, incurring significant costs for the airline.

The iconic ‘Ghana Must Go’ sack bags received their name in the 1980s when a mass expulsion of undocumented immigrants, predominantly Ghanaians, occurred in Nigeria. During this period, individuals fled with these distinctive red-and-blue checked bags on their backs.

In a statement, Ethiopian Airlines cited the need to prevent damages to conveyor belts as the primary reason for the ban. Passengers, however, are allowed to use sack bags if packaged within cartons of a hardcover with a rectangular shape.

This move follows a trend set by other airlines in the past. In 2017, both KLM and Air France implemented a similar ban on these bags, expressing concerns that the bags could unravel and potentially clog up baggage delivery systems.

The ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags, known by different names in various African countries, are not exclusive to Nigeria. In Zambia and Malawi, they are commonly referred to as sack bags, while in Kenya, they are known as Nigeria bags. Zimbabweans identify them as Botswana bags.

Ethiopian Airlines, operating not only in Nigeria but also in Malawi, is taking this step to ensure the efficiency and safety of its baggage handling procedures. 

The ban reflects the airline’s commitment to addressing operational challenges and maintaining the overall quality of its services.

Travelers are advised to adhere to these new regulations when preparing for their flights, and the airline encourages the use of alternative packaging methods to avoid disruptions in baggage handling.

Source: Malawi24

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