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Ministry of Education Launches ICT Equipment Donation Drive for Adolescent Health Clubs

The Ministry of Education, under the stewardship of Hon. Douglas Syakalima, has initiated a groundbreaking endeavor to bolster digital education across Zambia.

In a ceremony held on Thursday, 4th April, 2024, Education Minister Syakalima flagged off the donation of Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment to 500 adolescent health clubs spanning 32 districts nationwide.

Hon. Syakalima underscored the pivotal timing of procuring and distributing ICT equipment, coinciding with ongoing curriculum reforms within the Ministry.

Digital literacy stands as a cornerstone within the reformed 2023 Zambia education curriculum, emphasizing the importance of equipping learners with essential digital competencies.

The generous support of the Global Fund Initiative in facilitating the procurement of ICT equipment, comprising digital tablets, LCD projectors, and screens, has been lauded by the Minister. This donation not only enriches educational resources but also heralds a transformative era in educational delivery.

Addressing attendees, including Ministry officials and stakeholders, Hon. Syakalima urged schools to harness the potential of ICT equipment to empower learners with accurate knowledge, values, and positive attitudes.

These resources, he emphasized, would be instrumental in augmenting life skills and health education imparted through adolescent clubs.

Moreover, the Minister shed light on the multifaceted support provided by the Global Fund Initiative, extending beyond ICT provision to encompass vital infrastructure development.

The construction of 12 comprehensive boarding facilities across rural schools, a response to the inadequacies of current makeshift structures, exemplifies the Initiative’s commitment to fostering safe and conducive learning environments.

Ms. Noriana Muneku, Permanent Secretary-Administration at the Ministry of Education, articulated the overarching goal of fortifying learners’ knowledge capacity through the provision of ICT equipment.

This initiative, she emphasized, aligns with the Ministry’s vision of harnessing digital technologies to enhance educational outcomes.

Echoing these sentiments, Mr. Jeol Kamoko, Permanent Secretary-Education Services, emphasized the government’s steadfast commitment to digital education as the linchpin of the future of learning.

He affirmed that the integration of digital technologies is imperative for navigating the evolving educational landscape.

Mr. Mwansa Chitundu, Global Fund Initiative Project Coordinator, elucidated the initiative’s three-pronged approach, encompassing self-protection, life skills development, and infrastructure enhancement.

Noteworthy efforts include supporting vulnerable children, nurturing life skills through adolescent clubs, and facilitating infrastructure upgrades to bolster educational infrastructure nationwide.

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