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Tragedy Strikes as Chingola Mine Accident Prompts Urgent Search and Rescue Efforts 

Acting President of the Republic of Zambia, Mutale-Nalumango, expressed deep sorrow over the tragic incident at Seseli Mine in Chingola District. The mine accident occurred in the early hours of Friday, trapping miners in three locations following a mudslide.

The Acting President, in a whole-of-government approach, promptly deployed a comprehensive search and rescue team, collaborating with the private sector to coordinate efforts. 

The team includes officers from the Copperbelt Provincial Joint Operations Command, Chingola District Joint Operations Command, Copperbelt Provincial Disaster Management Committee, Chingola District Disaster Management Committee, paramedics from Konkola Copper Mines, and the private sector.

The accident site has been under constant scrutiny since Friday, with the search and rescue team facing challenges due to the ongoing rainfall season and water logging at one of the sites. Despite the difficulties, the commitment and capability of the rescue team remain undeterred.

Addressing the nation, Mutale-Nalumango acknowledged the involvement of government officials, including ministers responsible for Commerce, Trade and Industry, Mines and Minerals Development, and the Copperbelt Province, who have been on-site to support the rescue operation.

She also recognized the efforts of the United Party for National Development’s leadership in the province, emphasizing the importance of a united response from citizens, the private sector, and the government. 

The Acting President called on all stakeholders to join in supporting the search and rescue operation and standing in solidarity with the affected families.

To date, the search and rescue team has not located any trapped miners, and their condition remains unknown. The focus now is on removing mud and water from the water-logged site to facilitate access to the other two locations.

Mutale-Nalumango concluded by expressing gratitude to the brave men and women involved in the search and rescue operation and urged the nation to unite in prayer and support. 

She assured the public that the government would provide regular updates as the situation unfolds, emphasizing the need for safety measures within the mining sector to prevent such incidents in the future.

The nation watches with bated breath as emergency rescue efforts continue, hoping for the swift and safe rescue of the trapped miners.

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