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Zambian Breweries Launches Cheers Pa Easy Campaign to Promote Responsible Drinking Culture

Zambian Breweries has taken a proactive stance in promoting responsible drinking through its innovative “Cheers Pa Easy” campaign. During the launch event in Lusaka, Country Director Michelle Kilpin emphasized the company’s integral role in the communities it serves. 

Beyond being a beverage producer, Zambian Breweries aims to be a steward of responsibility and sustainability, recognizing the impact the beverage industry can have on individuals, communities, and the environment.

Michelle Kilpin provided a comprehensive overview of the alcohol industry in Zambia, acknowledging its cultural and economic significance. 

However, she did not shy away from addressing the negative aspects of alcohol abuse, such as gender-based violence, underage drinking, and compromised mental and physical health. 

The alignment with AB InBev’s global Smart Drinking Agenda and the proactive measures taken since 2016 were underscored.

The tangible benefits of the ongoing Smart Drinking campaign were emphasized by Ms. Kilpin. By promoting moderation, Zambian Breweries aims to contribute to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. 

The campaign is positioned as a catalyst for sustainable prosperity, supporting entrepreneurship, employment, and economic growth in Zambia. Moreover, she said that it seeks to create safer communities by addressing risks associated with alcohol abuse, including gender-based violence, accidents, and compromised mental health.

The centerpiece of the initiative is the Cheers Pa Easy Campaign, described by Ms. Kilpin as an urging call to consumers to adopt moderation in alcohol consumption. 

The campaign is built on four essential steps of responsible drinking: consuming food before or while drinking, pacing oneself, staying hydrated by alternating alcoholic beverages with water, and planning a safe journey home. These steps aim to minimize negative impacts on individuals and communities.

Country Director Michelle Kilpin concluded her presentation with a powerful call to action, urging individuals to be the heroes of their own stories and champions of moderation. 

She invited attendees to actively join the Cheers Pa Easy Campaign, emphasizing that having a good time is about the quality, not quantity, of decisions. Kilpin raised a symbolic toast to a vision of a healthier, safer, and more vibrant community.

Tawanda Hojane, Director Corporate Affairs and Legal at Zambian Breweries, reinforced the significance of the “Cheers Pa Easy” campaign in contributing to a positive and healthy beer experience. 

He highlighted the company’s collaborative efforts with government bodies and partners to champion a safe, positive, and healthy drinking culture.

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