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Education Minister Calls for Responsible Social Media Use  

Zambia’s Education Minister, Hon. Douglas Syakalima, delivered a powerful speech at the 30th commemoration of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

His address focused on the dangers of hate speech, particularly on social media platforms.

Minister Syakalima urged citizens to exercise responsibility when expressing themselves online.

He highlighted the harrowing example of the Rwandan genocide, where hate speech was used to mobilize violence. 

He pointed out the international community’s failures to prevent the genocide and stressed the importance of learning from those mistakes to stop future atrocities.

The Minister advocated for stricter legislation to hold individuals and organizations accountable for spreading hate speech online. 

He argued that hate speech, whether online or offline, should not be tolerated.

Despite the darkness of the Rwandan genocide, Minister Syakalima also highlighted stories of hope and resilience. 

He commended Rwanda’s remarkable progress and transformation since the tragedy. 

Zambia, he noted, admires Rwanda’s emergence as a beacon of progress and reconciliation in Africa. 

The Minister concluded by praising Rwanda’s visionary leadership, which has demonstrated that healing and rebuilding are possible even in the face of immense suffering.

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