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Nyimba District Hospital Secures Standby Power Generator Under CDF

Nyimba District Hospital has acquired a standby power supply generator through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). The initiative aims to address lighting challenges, particularly during power outages commonly experienced during the rainy season.

Dr. Martin Mbewe, the Nyimba District Health Director, expressed his joy and gratitude for the newly acquired power generator. 

He highlighted that since the hospital’s establishment in 2017, it has operated without a standby power supply, creating challenges during power outages. 

Dr. Mbewe emphasized that the generator’s arrival is timely, especially considering the frequent power interruptions experienced during the rainy season.

Council Chairperson Gadson Tembo urged health staff to utilize the power generator for its intended purpose. He challenged healthcare providers to uphold the highest standards of service delivery, emphasizing that the new generator eliminates any excuses related to lighting challenges.

The power generator, procured under the 2023 Constituency Development Fund at a cost of Five Hundred Forty-Eight Thousand One Hundred Eighty-Three Kwacha, is a crucial addition to Nyimba District Hospital’s infrastructure.

In addition to the generator acquisition, Chairperson Tembo announced the commencement of road works around the hospital premises. This initiative aims to enhance the safety of road users, especially ambulance services. 

He urged the public to be patient as leaders work towards bringing development to all parts of the district.

Mirriam Chitimbiti Busiku (Mrs), the Public Relations Officer for Nyimba Town Council, issued the statement, highlighting the commitment of the local authorities to address critical infrastructure needs in the healthcare sector. The provision of a standby power generator marks a positive step towards ensuring uninterrupted healthcare services for the community.

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