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Zambia Revenue Authority Empowers Former Inmates with Poultry Business Project

In a commendable move towards rehabilitation and community integration, the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has handed over a poultry business project to a group of former inmates through the Zambia Correctional Service. 

The project, valued at K815,400, was officially presented by ZRA Commissioner General Dingani Banda at a ceremony held in Lusaka this morning.

Commissioner General Banda expressed that the poultry business project, initially benefiting two cooperatives of former inmates, namely the Lusaka Central Cooperative (Lucecoop) and the Zambia Ex-Prisoners (ZAMEP) Multipurpose Cooperative, exemplifies ZRA’s commitment to modernizing tax administration while simultaneously contributing to societal development.

The project’s handover signifies ZRA’s recognition of the importance of social responsibility and its role in fostering positive change within communities. 

Commissioner General Banda emphasized that initiatives like these not only empower individuals but also strengthen ZRA’s standing as a responsible and engaged entity within society.

Zambia Correctional Service Commissioner General Fredrick Chilukutu, while receiving the donation, expressed gratitude to ZRA for giving back to the community in which it operates. 

He urged other organizations to follow ZRA’s example and support initiatives aimed at reintegrating former inmates into viable economic activities. Chilukutu stressed that the reformation of inmates, including former inmates, is a collective responsibility.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Catherine Gomeka, a former inmate, expressed appreciation for the donation, highlighting its potential to enable former inmates to make positive contributions to the country’s development. 

Ms Gomeka said that the poultry business project is seen not only as a source of livelihood for the beneficiaries but also as a means of fostering skills, empowerment, and a path towards societal reintegration.

The ZRA’s initiative demonstrates the potential for collaboration between government institutions and the private sector in contributing to social welfare and rehabilitation efforts.

As the poultry business takes flight, Ms Gomeka said that it is expected to create a positive impact on the lives of those involved and inspire similar initiatives across various sectors.

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