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Permanent Secretaries Collaborate to Advance Ratification of AU Protocol on Social Security and Protection

In a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing social security and protection across the continent, Permanent Secretaries gathered to discuss the ratification of the protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, focusing on citizens’ entitlement to social protection and security.

The meeting emphasized advocacy strategies to popularize and expedite the ratification of the protocol, envisioning a strengthened social security framework that would contribute to transformative changes in society, promoting social justice and inclusivity.

During the Permanent Secretary’s breakfast meeting, Angela Kawandami, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, underscored the importance of stakeholder collaboration in the collective mission to ensure that every citizen enjoys fundamental rights to social protection and security. 

Ms. Kawandami recognized that the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights encapsulates core values instrumental in shaping social protection policies.

Expressing appreciation for stakeholder collaboration and commitment, Ms. Kawandami affirmed that these efforts will play a pivotal role in steering the trajectory toward a more just and secure society. 

The discussions reflected a commitment to aligning policies and practices with the principles outlined in the African Charter.

Faides Temba Temba, Executive Director of Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR), commended the efforts made and expressed hope that the ratification process would be expedited. 

She highlighted the significance of social protection in transforming lives, providing dignity, and ensuring security for all citizens. CSPR pledged its support for the ratification and implementation process of the protocol.

The meeting of Permanent Secretaries signifies a concerted commitment to advancing social protection policies and ensuring the rights of citizens to social security.

She further emphasized that this collaborative efforts aim to lay the groundwork for a future where social justice and inclusivity are upheld, and the well-being of all citizens is safeguarded through comprehensive social protection measures.

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