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Justice Minister Stresses Integrity as Cornerstone for Trust, Justice, and Rule of Law

In a resolute declaration, Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe SC emphasized that integrity stands not merely as a word but as a cornerstone upon which trust, justice, and the rule of law are built. 

Speaking at the official opening of the sensitization and induction workshop for the Ministry of Justice Integrity Committee, the Minister urged members of the staff to uphold an unwavering commitment to fairness, impartiality, and transparency in the execution of their duties.

Minister Haimbe asserted that the responsibility of the ministry extends beyond the interpretation and enforcement of the law. 

He stressed that ministry staff must serve as beacons of integrity, exemplify justice, and act as custodians of public trust. Integrity, according to the Minister, is a fundamental value that should guide every action and decision within the ministry.

Addressing the same gathering, Thom Shamakamba, Director General of the Anti-Corruption Commission, underscored the significance of having an Integrity Committee within the Ministry. 

He highlighted that such a committee plays a crucial role in the ongoing fight against corruption by mainstreaming corruption prevention in the day-to-day operations of the Ministry.

Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha SC joined the discourse, urging ministry staff to consistently do the right thing, even when no one is watching—an embodiment of integrity. 

Kabesha emphasized that individual commitment to upholding high ethical standards contributes to the overall integrity of the institution.

Thandiwe Daka Oteng, the Permanent Secretary for Administration at the Ministry of Justice, welcomed participants to the workshop and echoed the sentiment that integrity is a cornerstone of any successful organization. 

She called upon all staff members to maintain the highest standards of integrity in the execution of their duties.

The workshop, aimed at sensitizing and inducting the Ministry of Justice Integrity Committee, serves as a proactive measure to instill and reinforce values that promote a culture of integrity, transparency, and justice within the ministry. 

The Permanent Secretary emphasized that the commitment to upholding these principles is seen as essential in fostering public trust and ensuring the effective functioning of the justice system.

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