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Cornelius Mweetwa Challenges Ex-President Lungu to Reveal His Political Plans

Cornelius Mweetwa, the Spokesperson for the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Southern Province Minister, has made a bold move by challenging Zambia’s Sixth President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu, to openly declare his return to active politics. Speaking during his official duties in Kazungula District, Mweetwa emphasized the importance of Lungu being transparent about his political intentions.

Mweetwa highlighted that it’s crucial for former President Lungu to clarify his stance, especially since he continues to receive presidential incentives funded by taxpayers. This lack of clarity doesn’t serve the nation’s best interests, and Zambian citizens deserve to know the political landscape, particularly with the potential return of such a prominent figure.

Adding intrigue to this challenge, observers have noted that former President Lungu has been making public appearances at traditional ceremonies, church services, and even maintaining his fitness with early morning jogs on weekends. He still commands respect among his followers, many of whom join him during these morning jogs.

However, the Zambia Police have advised Lungu to conduct his morning jogs with security details, considering his status as a former head of state. This precaution is intended to ensure his safety and the safety of those jogging with him.

As the nation eagerly awaits a response from the former president, this challenge has sparked discussions about the future of Zambian politics and the roles of key figures in shaping it.

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